A Solid Security System

Our alarm system provides double security for your personal belongings bycombining a mechanical padlock device and an electronic communicator. The twodevices work together by continuously swapping information in compliance with asecure communication protocol and are able to protect your vehicle even when it is very far away.

Mechanical Construction

The padlock is made of tough tempered steels. Iclose is SRA Class certified by top insurance companies.

A Unique Software

A special PC-programmable software will help you choose the settings andsensitivity of each sensor according to different operating conditions.Mobile-specific applications will be available soon.


5 padlocks can be joined to a single mobile communicator fitted with a SIM card.After programming, the communicator can sequentially call different phone numbers.

A compact, easy-to-use remote alert system

Helpy Oops is the innovative GSM/GPRS/GPS remote alert device for theindependence of elderly and disabled people and for the safety of children, pets,athletes and workers. Thanks to the possibility to insert a micro SIM, Helpy Oopscombines the functionalities of a mobile phone to the best technologies on themarket of remote alert systems.

Who is helpy oops designed for?

The remote alert device for personal safety, designed for the elderly, children,athletes and workers.More than just a GPS locator. Its innovative functions make Helpy Oops a thoroughand versatile remote alert device: a real personal protection equipment, designed for the elderly, children, athletes, workers and your pets too.

“At Esse-ti, each project is designed to meet the needs of people, who are at the very heart of communication.”

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